Summer House

Location : Suan Luang, Bangkok

Category : Residential

Area : 120 sq.m.

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn

Photographer :  Ackiarchive

This dwelling was created to resemble a vacation home. or temporary housing in the city to be closer to nature, which seems encircled by four enormous trees. The house's owner sought a contemporary, simple design that was warm at the same time. and make an effort to greet visitors.

As a result, the designer chose wood as the material for the house wrap. The inside, on the other hand, features a slanted ceiling to create an intimate sense for the residents. Due to the aforementioned issue, this house has a limited footprint. It's like living in a modest apartment in the heart of the city. However, it is a first-floor unit. It's surrounded by trees and is well-grounded.

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