Samui Townhome

Location : Samui, Surat Thani

Category : Townhome

Area : 100 sq.m. per unit

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn

The owner of this 2-story townhome project has set an objective to develop according to the standard format, which is 4 meters wide. Building a roof over the parking space in front of the project will make things appear attractive and continuous. As an end, there can be insufficient light in the living room.
To construct some little court. between the middle of the parking lot and the living room, It lets in natural light even while providing an additional green area in the living room. It's also built with a balcony that wraps around the treetops. which is linked to the master suite.  Using wooden slats that can be opened and closed, inhabitants can feel more connected to nature. While coming out to use the balcony area, for seclusion.

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