BR House

Location : Bueng Kum, Bangkok

Category : Residential

Area : 130 sq.m.

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn

An archaic roll-house structure, more than 30 years old, is located behind the canal. The purpose of house improvement is to make a property look more contemporary and also make more places open in the back. It won't be attached to the house's original structure due to the construction process. to minimize the issue of improper settlement.

Since enter the area, use the 50 cm wide opening of the light channel, which runs nearly the entire length of the home, to enhance brightness in various places, including the dining room, the bathroom, and the living room. The design was inspired by an effort to address the issue of tenement buildings' generally gloomy appearance. Open a skylight in the middle of the building and add plants to give the space a sense of freshness. Additionally, the home's rear is meant to be as open as possible to the breeze and the area behind the canal.

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