S41 House

Location : Suan Luang, Bangkok

Category : Residential

Area : 260 sq.m.

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn

The fundamental concept that the owner of the land wants is a box-shaped house with a pitched roof, in the style of Scandinavia. Due to the presence of elderly individuals in the household, all living areas are intended to be located on the first floor to encourage closer interaction among family members. The designer intentionally arranged the house into three interchanging blocks to create void spaces between them, resulting in green areas and spaces that receive ample natural light throughout the house


The designer used colors from well-known cartoon characters into the design, turning them into essential elements of the home, as the homeowner is of Scandinavian origin and has a taste for specific hues that will go well with the house's light, white interiors.

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