F85 House

Location : Ram Inthra, Bangkok

Category : Residential

Area : 120 sq.m.

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn

The design of the house was done within a limited spending plan. As a result, the design aims to keep the house as the primary focus as feasible. Both of the living areas are modestly sized for a family. There is a little bedroom on the first floor and a large bedroom upstairs. The prayer area had to be set apart from homes for religious reasons. Reduce resource waste as much as possible, for example, using polycarbonate sheets instead of pricey glass windows in places without air conditioning and planting trees instead of fences between neighboring pieces of property.

A further design feature of the home is the open area next to the stairs. It also makes potential future expansion, must be sufficient to meet the needs and constraints of the present, it also create a setting that makes the house appear brighter and more welcoming with an open-air design at the front.

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