Intramara House

Location : Inthamara, Bangkok

Category : Residential

Area : 600 sq.m.

Design TeamKamonchanok Wijuckhapan, Soon Thaithaworn, Awasarn Suphajunyawat

The owner's plan to create a homes for an extended family, a home for three families living together in one house, led to the creation of this two-story dwelling unit. As a result, the layout includes a common area, a private part, and separate entrance, ensuring that everyone in the house feels safe and secure. This house has obvious feng shui concerns, such as open spaces adjacent to the house, making the front of the house open, and the reception hall in front of the house, which must be opened through double-volume loving faith to encourage the occupants' prosperity.
When starting a conversation with the owner, who is fascinated by the beauty of mid-century modern blended with southern European designs. As a consequence, the house's roof is designed to appear slanted. The separate entrance access is intended to create a European-scented court at the back of the house, which will serve as a welcoming space for another family that lives there. While the front of the house is created pleasantly with a sloping roof which is in line with the interior space and helps to diminish the house's scale.

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